Interested in Owning a High-Tech Estate set in 250 acres of Idyllic Nature
as part of a Secure Business Investment? 

Pleasant Valley is a ONE OF A KIND Property that also
provides Excellent Potential Returns with a Secure Business Investment

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Everyone Knows that Fresh Air, Clean Water and
Wildlife Habitat is Disappearing at an Alarming Rate

                                                   Did you think any of the following might happen?

  • Pure water would become more expensive than soda pop.
  • You would have to regulate the amount of fish you ate, to avoid mercury poisoning.
  • Land development restrictions would virtually eliminate your ability to enjoy nature and wildlife.

Why is This Such a Big Problem?
Because Opportunities to Secure a
Wildlife Resort Paradise are Quickly Disappearing

The Facts are Simple: 
1.  Beautiful areas of wilderness for sportsmen, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts are vanishing.

2.  Rarer still are pristine nature areas with a beautful residence and the latest technology - to enable enjoyment of music,  arts, crafts and other recreational activites.

3.  Our living environment is the single most important factor in our ability to have good health, relaxation and joy.

Net Result:  It is becoming harder to live a healthy, stress-free life in balance with nature.  

That Means the Time to Secure a Private Paradise
is Now

People who don't secure their land future now may very likely not be able to find it later...or you will end up over-paying, because pristine land will have become extremely rare. 

For 40 years, we have been living the dream of cultivating our own  "High-Tech Nature Paradise" and we are now looking for a new steward for Pleasant Valley


                                         You Have an Opportunity That Might Not Come By Again
                           A dream paradise, a healthy lifestyle and an enduring right before you

What is a "High-Tech Nature Paradise"?

PLEASANT VALLEY  combines pristine nature with the absolute best and latest technology
By technology, we mean everything from recreational and utility vehicles, to music systems, home theaters, computers, networks, business office, fabrication workshop and a complete recording studio.

PLEASANT VALLEY  is connected to the Internet with high-speed 5GB Fiber Optics...
Pleasant Valley also has excellent mobile phone and satellite reception.

PLEASANT VALLEY  is conveniently located only 15 miles from Eau Claire, Wisconsin...
Named one of the top cities in America.

And once you see Pleasant Valley, you'll agree that you've simply never seen a place like it before.

Why Is A High-Tech Nature Sanctuary So Valuable?

"I'd like to have my cake and eat it too"  

Many successful people want to be completely immersed in nature... AND also have the advantages of the latest technology.  The problem is that it is very rare to find such a place.

That's what a high-tech nature paradise is and that is what we have designed Pleasant Valley to be.

Building the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary - Our Journey


It starts with a passion.  For the last 50 years, we have had an intense passion for creating an ideal living and working environment.  That passion led to an Electronics, Industrial Arts and Music degree and becoming a Master Recording Engineer and a successful Software Developer.  

It also has led me to become an entrepreneur with a 45 year track record of success in the recording studio, audio/video retailing and software businesses. The synergy of this combined experience has enabled me to create innovative software applications for the electronics and recording industries.

Most importantly, for the past 40 years, my wife Sandy and I have dedicated the time and resources necessary to create Pleasant Valley... a "Fountain of Health" living and working environment.

We are dedicated to the maintaining the highest quality of living and working experience. The pursuit of pure sound, pure nature, and full enjoyment is our life's work and the essence of our being.  

Now that we are entering into the final phase of our own lives, we are struck by three things:

1.  We are thrilled that we have been able to live in harmony with nature, while also enjoying all of life's modern technology and apply that to our passions of music, product development, landscaping and wildlife.

2.  We want to spend the balance of our lives fullfilling our vision of developing Pleasant Valley into a world-class environment.

3.  An important life goal of ours is to accelerate the enhancement of Pleasant Valley with someone who shares our long-term vision. We then want to transition this ideal and pristine micro-environment over to its next steward.

With that, I'd like to introduce you to the Pleasant Valley Investment, an irresistible and secure investment, where we have made sure that you as the investor are always ahead.

All the best,

Jim and Sandy Engandela

What Is the Pleasant Valley Investment?
The Pleasant Valley Investment
Offers These Key Advantages for You

The Pleasant Valley Investment includes 3 Core Assets:


Founders, visionaries and developers that will continue to drive increased value to you as an investor.  Like any investment, the most important aspect to success is the people behind it.  Even more so with the Pleasant Valley Investment, because Jim and Sandy's proven ability to continually enhancing the value of your asset. 

Jim and Sandy are professional property developers directly responsible for transforming Pleasant Valley into the masterpiece it is today.  Jim holds a degree in Industrial Arts from the University of Wisconsin with concentration on electronics, architecture, mechanical design and building construction.

Together, Jim and Sandy have been the designers and contractors on all Pleasant Valley building renovations, landscaping and wildlife habitat development, as well as the construction of ponds and more than 25 miles of beautiful goomed trails on the property.

Jim and Sandy's expertise in landscaping, heavy equipment and mechanical design has led directly to the development of multiple product applications for landscapers.  As a testament to the power of these products, they literally allow Jim and Sandy to improve and maintain all of Pleasant Valley themselves.


Pleasant Valley is 3 valleys of incredible nature, wildlife, building and recreational assets:

                                                                                NATURAL ASSETS

248 acres of pristine property, including a gorgeous residence, set in a valley of pure fresh water springs and ponds and all the high tech and outdoor enthusiast equipment and toys that make Pleasant Valley truly unique.

Private and Diverse Micro-Ecosystem
Pleasant Valley consists of three beautiful valleys, that all face South for maximum sunlight. These valleys envelope you in an ecosystem of peace and quiet seclusion,  protected from storms, isolated from noise, farm contamination and odors.  The diversity of the property is amazing, with steep hills and deep valleys, covered with thick forests and rocky outcropping bluffs, freshwater springs, streams and ponds. There are also 40 acres of rich black dirt, covered with wild flowers and suitable for horse, lama or other grazing animals.

Large Section of Privately Owned Woods
Pleasant Valley and our ajoining properties comprise one of the largest privately owned contiguous woods in all of Eau Claire County.  Of the 250 acres, 210 acres is woodland covered with huge Red and White Oak trees, along with Cherry, Birch and Pines.  During the spring and summer months, these wooded valleys create a lush "tropical rain forest" of huge ferns, plants, flowers and mushrooms.

Pure Fresh Water Springs and Ponds
12 freshwater springs bubble pure clean cool water, out of the ground and filtered through minerial rich limestone rock formations, to form streams that flow through the entire property and fill 6 crystal clear ponds. You can literally drink the cleanest, purist, healthy water directly from the springs and play in the streams and ponds, because all water starts on the property and is not contaminated by surrounding properties.   In addition, Pleasant Valley rests against the Eleva Ridge, where all surface and ground water flows north, while all water starting on the Pleasant Valley property flows south. This means that the Pleasant Valley water is at the beginning of the entire watershed, that flows all the way to the Mississippi.  Water just doesn't get any fresher or purer.  These springs also feed the house well drinking water that is cool, sweet and refreshingly healthy.

Highly Oxygenated Air
An almost unbelievable rich combination of water, sunlight and black dirt produces a huge amount of pure fresh oxygen, generated by ferns and vegetation that cover the forest hills, valleys and streams. This air continually flows down the valleys providing the home and its occupants with a healthy stream of fresh air.

                                                                                   WILDLIFE ASSETS
Vast Amount of Wildlife Habitat
Many wildlife habitat programs have been implemented at Pleasant Valley. The area features deer, coyotes, fox, eagles, turkey, grouse, pheasant, geese, ducks and squirrels and an occasional bear or wolf. The Sanctuary has also become the home for many animals released by the Chippewa Valley Wildlife Rehabilitation center.

Trophy Whitetail Deer Capital of the World
Pleasant Valley and Buffalo County are famous for trophy whitetail deer hunting.  A Quality Deer Management Program has been in place, on the property, for more than 30 years.  Hunting land continues to increase in value as private hunting land is virtually impossible to find now.  Pleasant Valley is situated on the north side of Buffalo County, the white-tail deer capital of the world.

Trout Streams
The fresh water streams in Pleasant Valley are home to brook, brown and rainbow trout and are connected to the some of the Wisconsin's best trout fishing streams, all stocked and maintained by Trout Unlimited.

                                                                                  BUILDING ASSETS
House and Office
A modern 3 level house features concert quality Linn sound systems, state of the art recording studio, surround sound home theater and business office.   The home features 5GB fiber optics internet access, high speed computer network, multi-line phone system and a closed loop, ground water heating and air conditioning system.

Authenticly Restored Norwegian Barn/Workshop
A 4 level barn/workshop with attached 8 bay garage is fully updated with a 200 amp electrical service, in-floor and gas heat, computer network and music systems. The workshop is a full wood and metalworking fabrication facility with tools, paint booth, office and storage.

Dog Kennel and Gas Station
A separate building contains an extra large indoor dog kennel, storage space and even a gas & diesel filling station.

                                                                           RECREATIONAL ASSETS

Wood & Metal Workshop
The workshop has all the tools and equipment needed for the wood and metal working hobbiest. The shop is fully heated, with a 2 story open space and lots of windows, providing beautiful views of the ponds and hills. The shop also features a Linn music system, a paint room with spray booth and compressed air.

Nature Trails
Over 25 miles of nature trails have been painstakingly constructed, specifically designed to allow for maximum enjoyment of the property.  Whether you want to sit on a bench near the creek, by a spring, climb on rocky outcroppings or walk along a bluff overlook, you can explore beautiful trails on foot, horseback or motorized ATV's, UTV,s or Snowmobiles, in this virtually mosquito free environment. 

Prime Hunting Land
Whether it is turkey, pheasant, grouse or trophy white tail deer,  Pleasant Valley is the ideal hunting grounds.  You'll be set in one of three gorgeous wooded valleys, with beautiful creeks and streams.  Check out the video above, to see just some of the trophy deer from previous successful hunts. Pleasant Valley's quality deer management program ensures that you'll have trophy deer hunting opportunities for years to come.

Music Systems, Recording Studio and Home Theater 
The easiest way to describe the sound systems and home theater is to say that unless you have been at Carnegie Hall or George Lucas's Film Studio, you have not heard sound this beautiful.  Feel your body relax and heart open as you become immersed in your favorite music and you'll experience music and movies like never before.

Motor Sports 
Pleasant Valley is stocked with virtually every motor vehicle you could want, including ATV's, UTV's, Snowmobiles and Motorcycles.  In addition to over 25 miles of groomed trails on the property, Pleasant Valley is also directly connected to thousands of miles of "All Year" ATV, UTV, Snowmobiling, Bicycle and Horseback riding throughout Wisconsin.  Pure fun...with no need to trailer your vehicles!

Landscaping Equipment
Pleasant Valley has everything needed to create and maintain landscaping projects, including Kubota tractors, backhoe excavator, landscaping implements, tools, materials and supplies.


                                                      SPECIAL ADVANTAGE:  Huge Property Reinvestment
                                             Transforming Pleasant Valley to "Resort-Quality" Experience

Pleasant Valley will continue to be transformed to even greater heights, with a substantial amoung of the investment proceeds being reinvested back into the Property and Facilities, driving a higher future value for the investor. 

A significant portion of the funds from the investment are going directly back into Pleasant Valley  to bring it to "Resort Quality" condition, which maximizes the buyers investment.  This reinvestment by the seller benefits the buyers by directly increasing the value of the Property, well above normal real estate appreciation.

House Addition
A planned major addition will turn the main house into a 6,000+ sq. ft. masterpiece. This addition includes a great room overlooking the ponds, 2 car garage, office and walk out basement. It will also have a separate ground water heating/air conditioner with in-floor heat.  This addition is fully designed and will be initiated at the time of sale.

Utility Building
An additional utility outbuilding to provide even more room for maintenance and storage facilities is planned. This utility building will house several large vehicles and provide additional storage.  It will be located in the maintenance area east of the Kennel.

Driveway Blacktop
After the house addition is completed, the entire 3/4 mile driveway will be blacktopped.

Trout Pond Enhancements
Enlarging the main pond by several acres and adding two new spring-fed trout ponds are planned.  The pond projects include expansions and clean outs to enhance trout habitat.

Fresh Water Spring  and Stream Enhancement
Ongoing fresh water spring and stream development, water control and contruction projects are planned.

Lawn Reconstruction
Rich black dirt removed from the pond expansion will be use to reconstruct the lawn around the house and seeded with Kentucky Bluegrass.  An in-ground Sprinkler system will be installed around the house and barn with water supplied directly from the pond.

Trees & Food Plots
A plan to add beautiful trees around the house will be impliemented and additional wildlife food plots will be planted.
Trail  Enhancement
An additional 10 miles of trail development, with bridges and culverts.

A Simple, Three-Transaction Structure
Focused Around Investor Advantages

Pleasant Valley is looking for a unique investment partner, one with vision and a long-term perspective.

The investment structure is simple with 3 key parts:

1.  Legacy Agreement is finalized
To be buyer centric, we have develped several attractive payment options.  These options are explained in the detailed terms document.

2.  Trust
The Legacy Agreement is held by a trust attorney and the Property Enhancement funds are placed an a trust to be used specifically for Property Enhanements.

3.  100% Transfer of All Assets Upon Death
Jim and Sandy Engandela will remain as caretakers of the property and continue to make improvements that will increase the value of Pleasant Valley.  

At time of death  or at the election
of Jim Engandela (age: 69) and Sandy Engandela (age: 68), transfer of the land ownership to the buyer occurs.  In addition, all personal property (e.g., vehicles, electronics and equipment, etc.) will transfer as well, so that Pleasant Valley is a "Turnkey Operation" to you. 

As an investor, you will receive all assets at the time of death even if it is within the next year.  Read on to find out more about this exciting and buyer-centric investment model.  In addition, you have the option of multiple investment alternatives as well as receiving all real and personal property as part of the investment.

Why This Investment Model?   It's straightforward.  Jim and Sandy have no direct heirs to transfer their wealth to after they pass.  Pleasant Valley is their baby.  Their preference is to continue reinvesting in Pleasant Valley to evolve the property, buildings and infrastructure to the absolute highest standard of quality and beauty.  At their time of death or at their option they want to transfer the property IN ITS ENTIRETY AND AS A TURNKEY OPERATION to someone (or an investment group or non-profit) who fully values living an integrated life of high-tech and pristine beauty.

Other Buyer Advantages

The Pleasant Valley Investment "Buyer Centric" Model provides an opportunity for you to invest in today's dollars and receive tremendous upside Advantages and Return on that investment.

Here are more details regarding those advantages:

Property Value Increase
This property will continue to increase in value, especially with the improvements and caretaker values. History of land values in this area shows that the price of this property has increased by a factor of 10 in the past 40 years. It is estimated that the property will be worth several times the current selling price, in 10 years.  It is a benefit to the Buyer to purchase the Property at today's price instead of the much higher future price.

Early Ownership
There exists a potential that Jim/Sandy die prematurely.  In the event of this, the buyer takes posession early. If either Jim or Sandy die, the remaining spouse may opt to move and transfer ownership at that time.  

No Future Expenses
Jim & Sandy Engandela will take care of all Property taxes, insurance, property development and upkeep and maintenance costs. It is a benefit to the Buyer, that there will be no future expenses incurred.

Acquire a Debt-Free Asset
All debt incurred by Sellers is fully insured and paid by that insurance at the time of Jim & Sandy's death.  No debt will be transferred to the Buyer.

Caretaker - Turnkey Operation
Jim & Sandy's desire is to spend their remaining years, continuing to develop and maintain Pleasant Valley to the highest standards. The entire cost for this development service is paid for by the seller, not the buyer.  It is a benefit to the Buyer, that whenever ownership is transfered,  the Property will be in pristine - turnkey condition

Personal Property
At the time of death of both Jim and Sandy Engandela, transfer of ownership of all Vehicles, Equipment, Tools, attached Audio & Video Electronics and Computers be transferred to the buyer.  This represents a value conservatively in excess of $500,000 and includes Cars, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATV's, UTV's , Kubota Tractor, Industrial Mower, Kobelco Exacavator, 4 Linn Music Systems, Linn Home Theater,
8 Computers, Office Equipment, Shop Equipment and Tools.

Jim and Sandy always keep their personal property current, with the latest models and maintain to the highest standards. This has been proven over the past 40 years and will continue until the end, assuring the buyer that this Personal Property Advantage is truly a value.

What you Can Expect If You Are The Lucky Investor

Securing Ownership of Pleasant Valley for Generations to Come
You will secure Pleasant Valley, the "Fountain of Health" as a private resort and outdoor enthusiast paradise for you, your family or business.  
A beautiful and vibrant property, healthy for humans and animals with fresh pure air and water.

Potential for Huge Upside Through Property Enhanements
In addition to securing Pleasant Valley, you can expect to the value of the Pleasant Valley property to increase and much greater than normal Real Estate appreciation.

A Secure "Buyer Centric" Investment Where You Are Always Ahead  - ON JUST THE PROPERTY VALUE ALONE
The investment comes with many buyer-centric advantages, not the least of which is owning an asset with a fair market value significantly more than you have invested.  When Jim and Sandy pass, all of Pleasant Valley, and all personal property, transfer to you as the investor.


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Only One Lucky Accredited Investor Will Acquire Pleasant Valley

  • Important Note:  Pleasant Valley is a low to mid seven-figure investment, suitable for a qualified, accredited individual or corporate buyer with a long-term focus.
  • We are looking for one investment entity.  The investor may elect to create an entity with multiple investors.
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